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James S. Benedict Child Development Center Expands

In 1997, the James S. Benedict Center opened its doors to serve the Long Beach community by providing care for preschoolers. The main building, located near the corner of Pacific and Willow, houses four large classrooms, a full-service kitchen, and a spacious outdoor playground.


In Fall 2023, two of the preschool classrooms were converted to toddler classrooms to offer a wider range of care to local families. In Spring 2024, the James S. Benedict Center expanded to provide care for infants, aged four months to two years. The recent expansion, located across the playground from the main building, includes two new classrooms designed to meet the highest standards in infant care. These new areas come equipped with everything infants need to thrive, including play areas filled with natural light, enriching toys,  and space to explore and engage for optimal development.

A Brief History of Child Lane

Tour the New Infant Classrooms

Thank You for Your Support!

This expansion was made possible by the following donors:


Ahmanson Foundation
California Department of Social Services
Carl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation
Munzer Foundation
Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
W. M. Keck Foundation
Weingart Foundation

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