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About Us 

Child Lane focuses on the whole child through education, care, nutrition, and family support with the goal that every child will be prepared to take full advantage of their early childhood education.

We believe that what we do every day is a reflection of who we are. We also believe our work is an investment in children, their families, and the communities we serve. Our first priority is the children we educate and care for, assuring every child has a safe, nurturing environment. We pride ourselves in strength of character and resourcefulness, and believe in treating all people with dignity and respect.


Child Lane opened one location in 1984, serving just a handful of children, and today serves close to 6,000 children a day through our Early Care and Education Program and Nutrition Program. Child Lane operates five child care centers, provides support to a network of 45 licensed family child care providers, and monitors close to 525 family child care homes’ nutrition programs. The services we provide do more than temporarily address a need, but have contributed meaningfully to the lives of over 160,000 children and their families over the span of three decades.


Child Lane provides care in an environment where play is valued and children are supported to be their full potential.


All children will have a happy, healthy childhood where their strengths and identities are protected and celebrated.

Purpose Statement

Equity, choice, respect and dignity are the cornerstone of a philosophy that values children and honors childhood.

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